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Waste to Energy

With an ever expanding mountain of waste and increased pressure on landfill sites, there is a growing need for energy-from-waste plants in Nigeria, particularly within States but also within industry as a whole. 
While new energy solutions are being discovered, refined and brought further and further into the public light, something that does not get a lot of headlines is waste to energy.

The enormous increase in the quantum and diversity of waste materials generated by human activity and their potentially harmful effects on the general environment and public health, have led to an increasing awareness about an urgent need to adopt scientific methods for safe disposal of wastes. While there is an obvious need to minimize the generation of wastes and to reuse and recycle them, the technologies for recovery of energy from wastes can play a vital role in mitigating the problems.

Endemic power shortage in
Nigeria and open waste disposal sites are major drivers of air pollution.

We are hoping to commission a new plant that will generate up to 44 megawatts by collecting the methane gas naturally generated by decomposing trash and turning it into electricity – enough wattage to consistently power up to 40,000 houses.

There is a great need to convert waste to sustainable energy.

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