Service is our Passion, People our Strength - Company Message

Key Executive: 
Ms Olivier Bright Chief Executive Officer 

Miss Donna Stevenson Chief Operation Officer
Mr John Edward Director


Number of Employee: 223 

Primary Line of Business: Waste Management, Waste to organic fertilizer  Waste to Energy, Recycling waste plant, Tomato plant, Automobile recycling plant and Environmental Consultant

Core Values:
Growth and Development ·        
Hard work and productivity ·         
Continuous improvement ·         
Service to customers above all else ·         
Work with passion and commitment 
Our Integrated waste management services in Nigeria:

Material Recovery ·         
Transfer station ·         
Commercial Front-End Pick-Up ·         
Industrial Pick-Up ·         
Recycling Pick-Up

Environmental Consultant - Energy from Waste Plants Environmental Consultant - Incinerators 
Environmental Consultant - Municipal Solid Waste Environmental Consultant - Recycling Plant 
Environmental Consultant - Recycling plant - Tires/Rubber Environmental Consultant -Transfer Stations or Waste Depots Environmental Consultant - Waste Handling - Municipal Solid Waste. 
Environmental Consultant – Medical Waste

Special Needs Provision:Free Services rendered to old people homes, orphanage homes etc

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